Are all dance schools the same?

Ten Reasons why Penny Lane is the right choice

1. All of the Penny Lane teachers are screened and hand picked for their amazing qualities with children and are either industry professionals or hold a Bachelors Degree in the Arts. Each teacher then goes through a strict training period in our curriculum and is educated in how to teach correctly and in a safe manner. Our curriculum was designed by the owner who is an associate member and certified to teach dance by Imperial Society For Teachers Of Dance.

2. Our children’s classes only allow 10-12 students per class. We believe in small class sizes. Many other local schools oversell the classes and add teenage assistants who are ill equipped to aid safely.

3. Our main dance floor is fully sprung with high intensity sprung sub flooring, which prevents injuries, and we have full mirrors in each studio.

4. We have a friendly team of office staff available during and after classes to assist you and your family. Other studio owners are splitting their time between running the administration and teaching producing less of a service to their clients and students.

5. Penny Lane has observation windows and cameras in every studio so parents can monitor their child’s development. We are proud of our teachers and encourage parents to watch their child’s growth.

6. We have ‘stress free’ recitals, no long drawn out performances. We are considerate of your family time. Other studios typically over charge for recital tickets and make parents sit through hours of shows. Penny Lane makes recital day enjoyable for all involved.

7. We do not require you to purchase expensive recital DVD’s and we do allow you to film your own child during shows. Other studios overcharge for DVDS and forbid you taping your child.

8. Students and parents are never required to sew recital costumes or fund raise for the studio.

9. We offer multiple classes at the same time so your family can save travel time between activities.

10. Penny Lane is a friendly environment and we encourage all dancers, both recreational and those wishing to pursue the arts as a career. We offer all children a safe and positive dance experience.