"I am writing to tell about the extraordinary attention my daughter, Alexandra, has received at Penny Lane Dance Academy under the guidance and tutelage of Andi McCormack. My daughter began ballet and tap with Miss Andi in 2000. She was only 2 years old. Andi introduced and opened a world of dance to Alex by encouraging, complimenting, modeling, and asking her to pretend she was a princess, the wind, a fairy, a feather, etc. It was joyful for me to watch, and Andi gave Alex the greatest gift, "HOPE" for a wonderful future in the art of dance. Fast forward ten years. Although Alex's school has offered ballet every year since 1st grade, she has still continued to take dance classes with Penny Lane. My child loves taking tap and hip hop besides ballet. If someone is looking to give a gift to a young girl, I highly recommend taking classes at Penny Lane with Andi. She is caring and loving towards every child. She knows how to work with girls and boys who knowwhat they want and those who need encouraging. Her interpersonal skills with both parent and child are exemplary. We love her and all her staff."
- Wanda L.

"Being part of Glee made me feel ecstatic and relaxed at the same time. I know that I am doing what I love to do and what I think I do best!"
- Jazmin - 11 Years old

"I like to dance ballet because it makes me feel beautiful inside and out."
- Zinia - 4 Years old

Michele McKearney"The Nutcracker Ballet Camp at Penny Lane Dance Academy was fabulous. Miss Andi is truly "magical"! Ava asks for play dates with her!!"
- Michele McKearney

"My daughter Sarah absolutely loves Miss Andi. She did a 3 day nutcracker ballet camp with her and when it was over, she was so disappointed. She loved going and wouldn't stop talking about what type of dance they learned. She can't wait for hip hop in the fall!"
-Sylvia Maffei

"Penny Lane Dance Academy's summer and winter program was so amazing that my 3 daughters Samantha, Skylher and Sasha can not wait to go back and dance with Miss Andi in the fall"
- Wendi Reyes