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"At Penny Lane, our classes will introduce your child to a range of music from around the world, interesting and educational props and most importantly caring teachers, who make learning dance and music, a fun experience." - Miss Andi

This is a beautiful and stimulating dance class using delightful stories, songs and props from all over the world. A wonderful preparatory dance class for your child and a special experience for the parent or caregiver to be involved.

We incorporate favorite pre-school nursery rhymes and fairy tales into a creative dance curriculum influenced by the British Ballet I.S.T.D. Exquisite children’s literature and fantastical music will allow your little one’s world to be a never-ending wonderland. We offer a delightful approach to your child’s first experience with ballet and tap. As your child grows, the level of material progresses with each age group.

A delightful ballet class incorporating the British curriculum from I.S.T.D. Our students enjoy progressive ballet exercises that they repeat each week building confidence and strength along with new routines and exercises. A strong focus on musicality and character interpretation with an opportunity to free dance and discover one’s own creativity. An introduction to tap to help with rhythm and style. Your child will have lots of fun in this class.

Our ballet students will progress to the barre and start to build on their previous knowledge of ballet. With a gentle approach to technique in both ballet and tap and a progression in center work, your little one will really begin to feel like a professional dancer whilst still having a fun atmosphere in the classroom. We always finish this class with free dance.

Recommended ages for levels: 6-8 level 1 or beginners, 8-10 level 2 or intermediate, 11-16 level 3 or advanced dancers.

We introduce the fundamentals of classical ballet through the esteemed British syllabus created by I.S.T.D. A combination of traditional European ballet curriculum, with a progressive and professional approach to classical ballet. Each age level progresses with difficulty as the student grows. We recommend that dancers at this age study both ballet and jazz.

An exciting and age-appropriate, cool class set to the latest pop and R & B tracks. Fun  & high energy, stretching and limbering warm-ups, funky routines and the latest choreography. Hip hop classes are ideal for students who just love to dance and get down! Many of our teachers are brought in from NYC and are professional dancers in the industry!

A fusion of classical a modern style using cutting edge choreography. Dancers will improvise and interpret exciting works set by our New York City Choreographers on Faculty.

The Jazz Program is perfect for those students who have the strength, passion and ability to take their dance training to the next level. We focus on building technique and style through a progressive syllabus. Includes warm up, across the floor combos covering leaps and turns, and jazz routines in the style of Broadway, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary and Funk. Our teen classes are cutting edge & challenging.

Our award winning dance teams are a select group of dancers who range in age from 4 -17 years of age. We work in the community at charity events, performances and competitions. Applicants must audition prior to acceptance for information.

Modern & Contemporary are vital for those students who wish to dance in college. We focus on building technique and style through a progressive syllabus influenced by Limon, Horton and Graham. Includes warm up, across the floor combos covering leaps and turns, and combination work. Our teen classes are cutting edge & challenging.

Lyrical class will incorporate the fundamentals of modern, ballet and jazz combined to create a flowing and expressive experience.

We offer Summer Camps for ages 2- 17 years to our students every year filled with amazing activities that will keep your child happy. Camp schedule out in Feb, check with our office for a registration form. Download our Summer Camps flyer HERE. You can also register for our Summer Camps on our registration portal HERE. If you have any questions give us a call or send us an email and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

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10 Aug 23

Hello! We’re pleased to announce that we are moving to new location at 288 Route 6 Mahopac NY...

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We are proud of our Dance Studio and want to provide the best experience for your child. Here are some features that we are proud of at Penny Lane Dance Studio.

Penny Lane’s classes are known for being magical and inspirational. With a successful studio in Los Angeles, and now one in Westchester New York, we are becoming a parent’s first choice in dance education from coast to coast.

We have a creative curriculum that promises to keep your child filled with wonder and joy. It is our philosophy that learning should be fun. Penny Lane understands little minds and manages to create a perfect balance between dance education and fun.

With our traditional and untraditional classes, we provide a home for all children. We are known as the “hip and happy dance place” which is always reflected when you hear giggles and joy coming out of our classrooms.

Our staff is warm and thoughtful and we are here to help your child expand their imagination and move their bodies in a positive and healthy manner.


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